Truth is Truth

Short Lesson plan for the basic understanding of ‘religious truth’ as an objective truth. We live in a culture where religion is treated as an optional preference in lifestyle, maybe ‘my truth’ but certainly not THE truth, and we are criticized for even saying we know what is true about God. This short explanation connects religious truth to other forms of truth that they are familiar with. I chose examples that I know my students resonate with, but it may be different with other groups.


Board to write on


“I’m going to talk about a couple things, but we aren’t really talking about those things. You’ll see. But we’ll start with evolution. “(write evolution on board)

What do you think of evolution? (write answers on board below title, my group;s answers are listed below) Not everyone believes evolution is true. Does that make them bad people? Can someone be smart even if they don’t believe in this? So, if you can be good and smart without ever hearing of evolution, what’s the point of knowing about it?

Next to “evolution” write the second title “World War II History” and asked the exact same questions. Students will probably give the exact same answers. My group added the last answer.

This is our list of answers for evolution and WW2 History:

It’s true

You can be a good person without knowing about it

You can be smart either way

It’s still important to know about it because knowledge is good

It helps us understand the world we live in

It helps us make decisions about our world and our lives

Add to the top next to Evolution and WW2 the third title “Theology” and explain: “Truth is truth everyone. It doesn’t matter if we’re looking for a truth about biology, or a truth about history, or a truth about God. We are always searching for knowledge of true things, for the reasons you explained. Many people say religion is just a personal thing, but it is really about what is true. It’s always good to know truth. That’s why it is important to study the truth about God through Theology. It’s the same reasons as learning the truth about anything else, but maybe even more important to our lives.”


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