Deepening Faith and Increasing Love for God

It’s somewhat awkward to teach about deepening one’s love for Christ to a class that is 1/3 atheist. What does “loving God” even mean to a teen who is privately saying in their heart “no such Being exists?” And yet, we cannot leave those who want to push forward into faith without support. Here is a short lesson using the great series Be the Bee:

  1. Number a blank piece of paper 1-6.
  2. Watch this Be the Bee episode and write down each of the 6 pieces of advice
  3. Discussion: What is the value of these 6 practices? How do they help us come to connect with God better?
  4. Think of a time you were doing one of these things with intentional love. Did it help you feel closer to God, the source of all love?
  5. Let’s start with #1. Who is your spiritual advisor? It might be our parish priest, or someone else. Write a short letter to your spiritual advisor about something on your mind– whether that be about a temptation you struggle with or just something you don’t understand about our faith. Give the letter to them this week. It’s your confidential conversation with your spiritual advisor.

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